If you are in Vegas, you will need the know-how of the locals to find all the best places to go without being stuck in all the hustle and bustle.

Cabs are out of the question, so befriending limo drivers is one of the best ways to venture into the unknown.

So, which bars are the best a Las Vegas limo driver knows?

Carry on, and you can find some of the bars you can visit in a quality Las Vegas limo tour. These are sure to deliver a night to remember without being all touristy.


First Stop from a Local Party Bus Limo Driver

The Downtown Cocktail lounge is a place worth seeing and being seen. This bar’s sleek, luxurious and trendy interior blends in with its loyal customer base.

It is subdued, soft lighting, see-through red curtains in between each table to provide privacy, and the plush chairs provide for an intimate, sexy vibe, which is perfect for dates or casual hangouts.

The handcrafted, unique cocktails are what the Downtown Cocktail Room is renowned for, so try some of them.


The Las Vegas Beauty Bar isn’t for a Pedicure

Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not a cosmetics section at the mall. The Beauty Bar is a trendy bar located on Fremont East, oozing with 1950s retro vibes.

The Beauty Bar has a linoleum floor, mirrored vanities and luxury chairs with classic hair dryers. It may look small with only a couple thousand square feet, but it sure is big on fun.

A limo driver from a local party bus will take you on Mondays, which are karaoke nights, although you may prefer a Tuesday for cheap beer nights.


Handcrafted Ales in the Chicago Brewing Co.

Any Las Vegas party bus driver will make sure a bachelor party visits the Chicago Brewing Co. If you’re a big fan of craft beers and microbrewers, then at the Four Queens, you’ll enjoy a few drinks. Their signature beers like the All Nighter, Ramblin’ Reck, or something with a European twist at Old Town Brown are all a must.

If you’re hungry, try the traditional cheesesteaks from Chicago’s Southside and other Midwestern dishes.

Arrive in Style with Your Las Vegas Limo

You can make the bar hopping all the more enjoyable when you don’t need to worry about transport. The best party bus drivers can make sure you get around safely, and spend an equal amount of time in each of the above bars, or many more they know.

For one of the best boys or girls nights out, contact Las Vegas Party Bus, and make sure your Las Vegas limo is all booked up.